Yet Another New Army and other stuffs

I had mentioned it briefly, but yet another army has been started.  This time,  DBA 1st and 2nd Punic war Carthaginians!


The first unit I have finished is two (more than I need, but I still have extra figures) bases of psiloi for DBA.  These particluar figures are the psiloi-slingers, oddly enough, AGR04.

They are nice little figures.  I wish I would have painted the skin a lighter shade, but I wanted them to look spanish/NE african.  They will work.

I have elected to order all my figures from baccus.  A friend of mine from work and I have decided we want to try DBA, and made one large order from Baccus.  We got a nice big square box stuffed with…stuff.

I got some terrain pieces that will be up at one point, celt and Saxon villages, some walls, some bridges.  All kinds of goodies.  I am already almost finished with two more units, which will hopefully be posted here soon.

I’ve painted these before, but now I have a whole TON of microworld Hawk Riders.

I already have probably double these done, so the Elves have a formidable airforce, Woe to the lizardman foes!  Again great figures, done no justice by cruddy photography and less than amazing painting.


The last fantasy thing today is some Pendraken treemen.  These were from their accessories range.  I say were, because I can no longer find them on their website, nor the giant or some of the other figures i bought.  I don’t know if they discontinued them or what…  Anyway, they were nice figures it appears…

Last things I have today are some dystopian wars tanks, specifically Britannia Terrier small tanks.  The amount of detail Spartan get is really just amazing.  Its to bad they discontinued their fantasy game naval game..

Last item today is a Britannia Brunel class carrier.  A massive brick of a model, I have two of them, this is the first painted one though.  Nicely detailed, looks cool as heck, I have no idea if it’s any good to play a game with though.  As you can see, I kept the base clear, I have elected to do this on all of my dystopian wars stuff, i cant come up with an alternative i like better.

That’s it today, expect more historical things next post, and I think I might show some 28mm army shots since I have finished some projects.  Thanks for reading!

New army Started

The weather has not been good in my neck of the woods this year, and I had some vacation already scheduled, so I have ended up with a nice chunk of time off lately.  Which means, more time for painting and adding stuff to the blog.  Today I have several things I have recently finished, as well as some things that have been finished for a while.

This big fella here (and I have a couple today) is Pendraken AC1 Large Giant with club, from the accessories range, he will roll with the Orc army I have now started..  I mentioned this range previously, and it has many items that really seem more 6mm (or maybe true 10mm, who the heck knows anymore).  The giant is one, in 10mm he would be kind of a ‘dwarf giant’ for lack of a better expression.  The model is great, it has a real mid ’90 GW fantasy vibe to it (which I think is really what the whole microworld range has as well).  I modified this guy slightly by adding big ears and a mohawk.  I have one other, which I am going to keep stock accept with a different weapon, maybe a big maul or something.

The guy on the left there is Microworld’s super Great Dingonek model.  This guy definitely looks intimidating.  Model is great, the scales are a great opportunity for some highlighting (my next one is going to be jungle green I think).  The other guy is a home made mushroom giant.  I just used some pearl air dry clay and glue to make him.  He has a face (that looks like crap), but he will get the job done.  I had mentioned pearl clay previously, and I finally got to compare it to the das brand, which I hear so much about.  I have to say, I like the pearl better.  Its not quite as easy to manipulate, but neither are fantastic, but it drives to a much harder surface and is easier to smooth.


Hi bob, ready for work today?

As mentioned in the Title, I have now started a new army, orcs.  I decided I did not want a another green army so i had to pick a new scheme.  I recently watched the hobbit movies, and I decided to model them after the head evil orc dude with the fork on his arm (the pinkish guy…)


They were a bit hard to photograph, so only the one close up.  I was pretty happy with them, they are a bit pinker in person. though.  I tried different combos of pink, red, and white before settling on this (I may post the method later, if for no other reason than I wont forget 😀 ).  These are some of the earliest figures Microworld offered, Orc Warriors, but they are still fantastic.  Two different poses, with slightly different swords and shield bosses.  Can’t wait to get this army finished (my lizard men need an ally too, the wood elf army is stupid huge)


These Were Elephants are some of my favorite so far.  Great detail and personality.  The pack has three main poses, and then a couple leader type dudes with (huge) cloaks.  Great variety, and good size also.  You could totally use these in 10mm as like elephant people or something (they would be a bit small, but hey, its fantasy).

The two shots show how well everything scales together (all of Microworld’s stuff scales well together of course).  Final thing I have today is not fantasy at all, but some more dystopian wars.

One of the big attractions of dystopian wars to me is the combine arms aspect.  Especially beach invasions with giant tanks!  Consequently I have been collecting all discounted landing craft from spartan I can lay my hands on.  These two were finished last month (the tanks probably at least a year ago).  Both of them don’t have their cranes done yet (which I am not super fond of anyway), but are other wise done.  Great models, the have little rail tracks on them and just look right.  I gave them a generic paint job so they could be used for multiple forces.


Alright, that’s it for today, back to the painting table, I’ve got armies to finish!


Hey, you got your Fantasy in my Steampunk!

Army Photos and a small ‘How I base’

Until Steven releases more, I believe the lizard man Army is done for the moment!


This is probably the first ‘real’ army I have completed.  I have done small warbands, but this is the first army. That photo contains 18 40×20 bases of lizard man warriors (270 figures), 11 bases of Lizard Spears (165 figures), only six bases of lizard man archers (60 figures, I need more of these really), 4 bases of Triceratops (one of which has an uncompleted howdah out there), about 12 bases of lizard ogres (amounts vary, but about 26 figures),8 bases of ceratopsid warriors (80 figures), 10 bases of lizard man cav (40 figures), 6 anklyo ballista, some personalities, and two command stands.  Total is roughly 700 figures, probably a tad under that.  I need more Lizzies, Steven!  The elven army is probably twice this size and not close to complete 😛


Jar Jar Looked upon his Legions, and it was good.

I’m just please as punch with this army.  The picture on the left above here is pretty much why I like 6mm.  Now that looks like an Army!  If anyone is in the Portland Area and wishes to challenge me, just let me know.  It all fits in a teeny little scrap booking box to boot!


I’m going to finish today with a couple of photos of what I used to base my figures.  For my fantasy figures I like to fill the bases  completely (I have a DBA project coming up that I think will be more scenic base orientated in the future, so stay tuned for that).  After some early experimentation this is the method I settled on.


This shows all my materials.  I use 1.5mm litko bases, primarily 40x20mm.  I use a lot of that dick blicks burnt umber paint,  in this case I usually go about half PVA, and half paint, and then add some water.  Depending on temperature I may add some slo dri as well.  I quick note on PVA, one would think it would be cheaper to buy it in large quantities, but where I live anyway, Its actually cheaper to go to the dollar tree and buy tons of their small glue containers, go figure.


I like the mixture quite thick as you can see here.  If it is fairly thick i find I get good adhesion right away so I can move the base a bit without dudes falling over (a huge PITA with individual 6mm figures)


Once I have the base filled, I put it on my flocking plate, bury it in flock and leave it for the night, dust it off the next morning and we are good to go.  Nothing fancy, but gets the job done, and I can do it quickly.  I will typically do 10 or so bases at a shot (about 150 figures….)

Expect some more Pendragon mini pics soon, and the first painted units of a new army!

Something different

Well, it has again been quite a while.  I have continued to acquire and microworld minis, but lately have been rounding out the forces i have by completing additional units, and working on other projects.  So today’s post is a mixed bag.


First up is actually a 28mm one, but pressed into use as a spell effect (probably….).  I used a full pack of Reaper Vermin:Beetle swarm minis (bones version)on a 60mm base.  The whole vermin swarm line has stuff i think that can be useful for 6mm fantasy.  In this case I am going to use them as the result of a ‘summon giant beetle swarm’ spell effect, as you can see the beetles are roughly person sized.  The sculpts are great, and the casting is great with no lines, highly recommended.


First notice the poor quality of the photos…..these all were taken by me.  I painted my second Lizardman armored brachiosaur.  He is basically painted the exact invest of the other one on the skin, otherwise the same.  Oddly, this wasn’t deliberate.  Fantastic miniature, really the one that got me to start buying microworld games.  Its a freaking dinosaur!  You can also see a 1st edition Corvus Belli Vanguard Morat partially painted in the background, as well as previously painted units ranked up.


Final 6mm pics tonight are the last stands to be completed of Microworld’s Lizard Ogres (scale thanks to citadel paint pot).  Again great models, these ones were painted up particularly well I thought.  As you can see, a lot of the 6mm is stuff I have already painted/posted in the past (currently its the last of the lizardman warriors I have). Consequently the passion is a bit lower, and speed reduces.  On the plus side I have gotten other stuff done!


These are from Spartan games, and come in several different packs, with multiple similar buildings.  Spartan models are fantastic, and the buildings are no exception.  The are of possible interest to naval gamers (the minis are 1/1200 scale, a common naval scale) in general, as I could see these being credible 19th/20th century wharf buildings.  In this case these results are just with simple dry brushing and some paints dabs for the windows.


Nest up several pictures (and two different paints jobs!) of some Dystopian Wars Federated states of America Georgetown cruisers.  These are nice models, they now come with resin guns rather than metal drop ons.  These were specifically from the Operation:icestorm box set (of which I ended up with two, don’t ask why).  The first two are painted with my regular FSA livery, the second painted up for my (now) wife’s forces.  The colors were picked by my wife (and initial painting done by her, i finished them), and while I’m not a big fan of the gold turrets, I think I actually like the color scheme better.  The main color she picked is Reaper Jade green.  The color is a pain to paint with (really bad coverage over black), but I never realize how much the final color looks like the Statue of Liberty.  Now obviously referencing the statue of liberty is a bit anachronistic (and the french have her as their giant robot)…but I like the look so there.


Final pic today is of some Empire of the Blazing sun Kitsune escorts.  I have no idea how good these are in game (i got them super cheap), but i love the look of them, and the paint job came out great.  This is my normal EoTBS paint scheme they sport.  So there you go.  I already have a few more models painted up for the next post.  I am also currently working on the final models I have left for my lizardman army, so stay tuned, its army picture time soon!

Woodland and Allies, among other things

So a mixed bag of finished projects this time.  I had mentioned before, but I had bought a mess of Pixies for a 28mm diorama Idea I had, which while still a good idea…is just not practical.  So I’ve painted them up by themselves.


These guys (or girls, who knows) are painted fairly simply.  I wanted different colored fairies, but couldn’t figure out a good way to do it.  They are just waaaay to detailed to paints the clothes and skin separately, it would take forever. so just wash and highlights. I used 5 primary colors, but the blue and the green ended up pretty much the same.


Per usual, they are super detailed.  Two different poses are provided, each standing up waiving a sword.  excellent figures, and I still think would make for a killer dioarama…



When my significant other saw the wildland alliance figures…she immediately bought an army pack for me, so now the woodland realm have ANOTHER ally 😀  These orangutan Spearmen figures are just awesome.  Honestly, the wildland alliance figures are some of the best ones Steve has released yet.  Super detailed, and super easy to paint.orang1.JPGAs you can see, there are two poses.  Each pack also comes with leaders, which is a cool little change from how Steve usually packs his figures.  I like having the option to buy leader packs to, but throwing in a couple with each pack is cool as well.  I saved some spear men and will be basing the leaders up when I have more of the other figures done.

towerThe last 6mm thing for today is a little lizardman outpost I made.  The tower is just made of toothpicks, you cant see, but on the other side are some little green stuff shields I added and painted.  You can also sort of see the bags i made.  The buildings themselves are just fimo cooked.  The one building is supposed to look like a skin hut, while the others are supposed to have vegetation.  I like the tower a lot….the rest is meh, but it will work.

The final posting is a change of pace.  Part of what drags my posting out is all the other projects I do.  I am going to start posting some other stuff now, in hopes of increasing the content.  Still mostly sub 28mm, with occasional 28mm stuff.  The first item i have pictures of are some Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ZB2 Burza Class Bombard.  Quite a cool little model (as are pretty much all of spartan’s stuff really, although the prices can be a little wild…).

So there you are.  I have a a pretty extensive EOTBS and KoB fleet, as well as a ton of other stuff already painted.  I will probably post some fleet/army shots down the road, but mostly it will just be newly painted things going forward.  Hopefully, this will increase the posting.

Alternate scales and manufacturers

While I do believe Microworld makes the best Fantasy 6mm miniatures (well, practically the only really…), there are alternatives out there.  For the most part I have restricted myself to Baccus and Rapier.  There are several other 6mm companies for sci fi, which are of marginal usefulness for my needs, as well as the other major historical maker, Adler.    Something else I have started looking at, especially for monsters, is 10mm (and Kalistra’s 12mm, which I have not purchased from as yet).

First up we have a few minis here from Baccus and Rapier.



To the left we have the Baccus AIN05 – Indian 4 Crew Chariot, to the right Rapier chariots EGY005.  For my people of the sun group, I use both Egyptian and Endian figures (and even Persian for elephants..)

The Baccus model comes in multiple pieces, the horse are mounted two in line, while the chariot has separate sides with the arches and wheels molded, body, and then two men in the center molded together.  The sides can be a little fiddly to put together, but generally work ok.  The detail on the characters themselves isn’t as good as microworld (which as I’ve mentioned before, really isn’t a huge detail gaming wise at this scale), but it all looks fairly nice together.

The rapier came with two separate horses, body, wheels, and then several different guys molded separately to attach to the chariot.  I ordered a mess of the rapier stuff last year, and while the parts were great, I was missing several sets of wheels, so was not able to assemble as many as I liked (im sure they probably would have sent the wheels if I had asked, but it seems like a lot of money and work to send all the way from UK).  Both models look great I think, the baccus ones are a little more formal shall we say, like the chariots are awaiting orders.  The rapiers though have a lot of animation, the horses, while not quite as detailed, have a good sense of motion to them.  The figures for mounting are great, I think there were three types, I actually used some of them on the Baccus chariots as well.  The only issue I had was the bases were pretty big, even after filing everything down, they are all pretty much stuck in there with a blob of glue 😀

I also made a large purchase of Pendraken miniatures last year, via the warstore.  Pendraken is fantastic, when I was starting with small scales, it was really between Microworld and Pendraken.  They have a HUGE range of stuff they are always adding to.  Unfortunately it is hard to find a pictures of a lot of their stuff (there is just so much really), and shipping from UK is expensive, so I never took a chance.  Then I saw Neil at warstore was importing them on a limited basis.  It did take a while to get (Neil basically orders the stuff for you and then sends), but I like giving my money to warstore, and my hope is that with every order that is sent there will be some stock added (so order :P).  I have multiple models, but for today, just the two.



First up is AC 14 flying dragon from the accessories range, this particular guy will roll with the Woodland realm .   Its hard to tell here, but to me this guy looks to small to be a 10mm dragon (which might be why he is in the accessories range), but my purposes this guy is fantastic!  I have another one that I think will be painted up as a black dragon for fighting this guy.  The figure has a base and post for mounting (you can see the base partially showing on my basing here).  The metal is very soft, so posing is not a problem, they come in a straight flying pose, I bent mine around so it looks like some poor bastard is about to get flamed.  Fantastic model, and perfect size for 6mm (there will be some (bad) comparison shots at the end)


Last one for this time is a AC3 small frogs, from the same accessories line (I ordered a bunch, there are multiple good models in there)  My painting is frankly kinda crap on these (I might go back and do a highlight again), but the models themselves are great for giant frogs.  They come with three frogs molded to each base, one head does have a wierd metal tag coming of it (I had it on all, I couldnt tell if it i was the nature of the sculpt or a bad cast, such is the nature of 6mm sometimes :P)  I apologize for the word-i-ness this post, I will finish with a couple of compairison photos.  For scale, the line photo has a stand of microworld spear elfs and some gnolls in the back (that are barely visible)

As you can see, they all scale pretty well together.  Currently I am working on a mess of microworld Pixies, as well as a bunch of more dystopian wars stuff (I have a bad feeling Spartan games may be going out of business, the stuff is on firesale all over :(), which I think I will start posting some of (they are 1/1200 after all), as well as more Pendraken models, and a new Microworld army to start!  Stay tuned (does that even mean anything to people anymore?)!

New Workspace and more Woodland Realm

There has not been much painting lately, due to my Significant Other and myself saving and buying a new condo.  That said, we have nearly doubled our square footage, allowing us a craft/game room, which of course means I have gotten a new painting area.


I was able to get my old drafting desk from my storage at my mother’s, so I have a nice (mostly) stable work surface now, and then half of a book shelf for current projects.  You can see Dystopian Wars (which at some point I will post some of probably), some anglo saxons, and some parts of a few genestealers (yea, im still working on that project).  The lead pile is under the desk mostly.  The drafting desk is nice because I can set it taller (im 6’3″), making for painting that is easier on my back and shoulders.


For miniatures, the latest completion were some Microworld Woodelf Archers .  Even with the one pack I did before, I still think I might need a few more….Elves should have tons of bows right?

These figures came out great.  Ive paints a pack before, but these ones are definitely better than the last.

Next up are some more centaurs, this time spear users.  These are great figures.  There are two poses, both of which are nice, and unlike the nobles, are very distinct.  I did have a rough time keeping the spears on the guys holding them at an angle straight, but it looks good enough for government work to me.

The detail on these figures is fantastic, my painting don’t do them justice.

Some unfortunate news I have noticed recently, Scale creep miniatures is going to stop getting new baccus minis for at least now.  Which is a real shame, they are the only place I know to get baccus in the US (and always give me a good excuse to get some more coat d’ arms paint 😀 ).  Luckily I had recently ordered some more sun people units.  My current project is some of those very minis, as well as the first of several pendraken miniatures I aquired.

Meesa Have Pointy Sticks!

Several Lizardmen (well 2…..) projects have been completed, finally.  My painting has really been slack this summer.  I hate heat, and it has been a long sticky summer in Oregon, so my painting has been glacial (you are getting weather puns because that’s about the only thing funny about weather and the future of weather currently).  First up are a couple shots of my finished lizardmen spear reinforcements.

newlizardspear1 spearhorde

I have 11 spearmen stands total now.  Some of the very first 6mm models I painted are just viewable in the background on the right photo.

lizardspearcompfront spearcompprofile

The figures on the right in both photos are the oldest painted ones.  I actually thing the older ones look better close up (I definitely took more time on them), but I think the newer ones look better from distances more than even an inch really.  The models themselves are, as usual, fantastic.  Both packs of spearmen I got have been the cleanest casts of all (which says a lot, as I would say even normally you are talking one in maybe 200 figures having an imperfection), and they look awesome lined up with each other.  I sound like a broken record, but Microworld minis are on average better than most companies best, and that includes 28mm

Next up are some custom command stands I built up.


The smaller stand is just some spearmen and a couple of guys form the command pack.  I painted up the big dino kind of albino-y, and I thought he looks quite good.

Emperor Jar Jar exhorts his troops

Emperor Jar Jar exhorts his troops

I am stoked with the big 40×40 command stand though.  I deliberately wanted it to look like Jar Jar Binks (which you had darn well better know who that is if you are looking at this), and it the whole thing came out great. I used some spear men, a couple figures from the Lizardman Command pack, and one of the riders from the big dino models (they share the same drop on between several of the models).  I made the litter out of a little piece of wood and some wire, and then made some teeny (although if scales are about the size of a small car i think..) little skull piles on the litter.  For the guys holding the thing up I bent the arms over and cut off the spears of two spearmen on one side, and then used the drummer figures on the other side, gluing the contraption on top.  I also stuck some little green stuff shields over the top.  You cant hardly see anything amiss close up even.

I still have a ton of stuff to paint.  I have bought a variety of pendraken figures I hope to be able to show soon.  Some scale well, some not so much.  Steve is also cooking up a TON of new stuff.  Check out the tactical command forums for more details, but already there have been a whole bunch of demon releases (i am totally getting a demon cohort!), a fantastic looking renaissance style army is on the way, and just the other day some new wood elf releases, among a host of other things.  There is even a new set of rules based on Microworld figures (which I am totally going to check out).  The just keeps bigger and better!  If you read this Steve, thanks a million man!

I’m not dead yet!

Despite the lack of posting, the blog does indeed live.  A combination of a difficult to paint group and multiple other projects have slowed me down.  I showed previously a few test stands of the Microworld Wild Elves i had done, well I have finished now.  A total of 15 stands of crazed Elves are now at my disposal….

wildelf1 wildelf2 wildelf3 wildelfgroup1

These figures are just fantastic. There are three poses, each radically different. There is one dude with no shirt with a spear, a guy with a sword doing a cartwheel, and a guy swinging a big ole halberd around.  I didn’t pack them super tight, but as you can see they create a great sense of mass in motion, and the details are just insane for this scale.  I wanted to make them look a bit harlequin on the table.  Truth be told, I had the harlequins of WH40k in my minds eye.  Obviously there is no way to get that kind of detailed painting at this scale (at least not at my skill level), so I elected to use a variety of bright colors.  I would estimate at least 15+ different shades of various colors (I did not include purple as that is the only unifying color for my lizardmen army).  It took FOREVER, especially the highlighting.

My other 6mm project has been more terrain.  I have already made a large forest canopy, along the lines of this, but I wanted something different and more…fantasy-ey.  Finally I decided on mushrooms as my alternative to forests for at least part of my fantasy world.

mushroomgroup mushroomlower

I used this great stuff I found at blicks called Pearl Air dry clay.  I think it is similar to Das clay I see people talk about all over (I actually located some of that shortly after getting this stuff I will try later).  I was hoping I could make things a bit smaller for say a house or something, and I could, but it would be much more work than using something else, i.e plastic.  Otherwise though, its great stuff, i didn’t try particularly hard, as I wanted a rough finish, but you can make it quite smooth, it dries hard as a rock, and is perfectly sandable.  I made all the caps and then the stalks separately, glued them together and painted them with a variety of craft acrylics I have around.  Then they got stuck to some 40x40mm and 20x20mm renedra bases i have left over from my gripping beast plastic sets.  Ive been using spackling compound to smooth out bases lately, and then glued some flock on.  The clay was 5 dollars at blicks I think and you could use anything for the bases.  I made3 large and two small stands and still had 3/4 of the package left.

I next finished up a ruined lizard man temple.  The attempts to make the top look like a broken giant statue of some lizard god were less than successful, but overall this is my favorite piece I’ve made so far.

lizardtempleside lizardtemplwelfs

I used the side of a spatula to make the stairs, while the statue, pedestal, and alter were made separately.  The alter was a huge pain in the but to get something so small to look even remotely square, hence my comment about smaller details.  No spackle this time, just straight on the base with some various flocks on the base and sides.  The little vines are just strings of glue with some green flock tossed on and left for a bit, i thought they came out quite good.

One of my gripes (if you could call it that) with Mighty armies is the magic is pretty vanilla.  Its totally understandable as magic can get quite out of hand and unbalanced in a miniatures game.  Luckily I care little about balance, and more about Neato!  Consequently I’ve been coming up with all kinds of crazy spells from old games and my own head to try out.  Two of them were the oldies but goodies walls of water and fire.  I wanted to have them persist for at least a turn on the battle field, so made up some ‘templates’


I used the pearl clay for these and stuck them to some spare 150 (I think)x20 renedra bases I had.  People griped a bit about the base sprue that comes with the gripping beast kits, but I’ve found all kinds of uses for them so far (beyond the obvious ofc)

I’m still plugging away at my other projects.  The basic viking army has been finished and I am starting the anglo-saxons now.  Next up will be some lizard man spearmen.  I think I have one crappy photo somewhere on here of them, they were one of the first microworld figures I painted, but I have subsequently purchased a few more packs to round out the army that I will be working on.  I will leave you with a group terrain shot, and hopefully be a little more active going forward.


Elves, Wild Elves, and cheap 6mm terrain ideas

Well, with my new projects my volume has not been as prolific as in the past, but I did still manager to finish my test stands of Wild Elves as well as a couple of command stands for the elves.


The elf command stands are made up of characters form the Woodland Alliance Command pack (from Microworld of course), with a few spear men thrown on.  I also.  Other than the two command stands, the rest of the characters from the command pack were individually based to attach to units later.  I also painted multiple flags, mostly with simile designs or different colors.


The wild elves (which are a bit difficult to see in these) were just a test, I still have another 6 or so stands to do.  I mostly wanted to see if they looked ok spread out, and with multi color outfits.  I think they work, I was going for a harlequin type look (though  obviously not as elaborate.)  The figures themselves are fantastic, with really dynamic poses (three of them, one in a handstand!).  They really look like a dervish of guys on the table, Im thinking about making some larger bases of them later to enhance the look.

Now that I have I have finished a decent number of figures, I can actually play some games now.  I have played several more games of Mighty Armies now, and as my base game I am pretty satisfied.  I am going to make some modifications I think, but over all I like it.  The biggest problem I have encountered so far is no terrain.  Im a cheap bastard when I can be, and I have come up with fairly serviceable cheapo options I think.  FIrst up hedges and walls.

wallhedgecomp wallsclose wallsnhedges

These were fairly easy to make, and probably the most elaborate of the terrain I have so far.  All of the terrain I have made so far is just mounted on cut up cereal boxes headed for recycling anyway (I just pre-re-cycled?).  For the hedges and most of the walls, I just cut up a greenie sponge you can pickup packs of at the dollar store.  I did try making a wall out of styrene (the back one in the last picture) that I think came out looking more like a well constructed wall rather than a pile of stones.

ballasting scrubby

The hedges were made with just a plain 1/4 inches thick strip of the sponge, I found that a bit thick so I cut that in half for the walls.  Then I just covered them in pva mixed with a bit of water and dark grey paint, slathered it on and dunked in either my woodland scenics foam, or for the walls fine ballast.  I then drybrushed the hedges with bright green, and the walls with two shades of light grey.  For the walls I did try different color washes (and one one a light brown dry brush) for some different looks as well.  Added some more foam to the walls and then painted the bases brown and they were done.


Here we have some cheap fields I made. Just cereal box carboard again, this one with some rows painted on with a couple shades of brown.  These look pretty low rent, I will probably make some replacements with ballast and foam down the road, they work for now though.


A little bit of a rocky area here.  For the bigger rocks I carved up some foam spacers I had grabbed out of a package, then mixed some ballast with some other grits I have and glued them all on with pva.  This one’s cereal box base warped a bit form all the glue, so next time I will probably try mod podge or wood glue and see if I can reduce that.  I painted the big rocks with some dark grey and a little dry brushing, and then the other stuff with some dark and light browns.  I think next time  might add a little static grass in there for some more color too.


This one is my favorite.  Again just cereal box cardboard.  I glued some ballast around the outside, painted dark brown with some dry brushing (same with the little islands in the middle there.  I used some craft paints for the pond, making it a bit darker where the water was deeper.  I also added a bit of grass stuffs I have, and a few bits of turf foam for variety.


Last photo is just a shot of what I have left so far.  Left side starts with lizard men (mostly spear men, which ironically not eve in the picture), Woodland alliance (lots of eagles, centaurs, and some other stuff), a bunch of baccus egyptians with a ton (like 20) chariots from rapier and baccus, and then a micro world undead army to start (yay!).  I also have some baccus scots my GF got me quite a while ago, not sure what I’m going to do with those, as I don’t game the period, I think make a nice scenic base at some point.

As you can see I still have tons left to do.  I am still chugging along on space hulk and my new vikings project.  The wild elves take a lot of time with all the different outfits, so it will be a while before my next post again I suspect.  Fear not (cause I have TONS of readers :P) I shall return!  What with all the fantastic new releases Steve keeps making a MIcroworld, I have years of work still ahead of me :D.