Sallah….I said no Camels!

As soon as I decided I was going to have a desert type of faction, I knew I wanted camels.  Don’t ask me why, but I find the idea of an enraged camel wading into a phalanx of warriors totally plausible. Surprisingly there are not really very many camel options in 6mm.  Luckily, Baccus CMA4 mahdist camelry was exactly what I needed.

4020closebehindcamel groupcamelclose

You get enough guys in each pack for quite a few stands if you are using 4 per 40x20mm as I am (i did load up one 40×40).  The standards are just masking tape painted.  I’ve decided the People of the Sun’s motif will be suns, so yellow circles, and yellow and general.

4040camel groupcamelatmospherecloseMy girlfriend took several of these photos, and hers are much better, so I might start enlisting her as my new photographer 😀  I was pretty happy with these models.  All the models on each strip are slightly different.  They are armed with spears, and most of them have shields.   Each one has varying amounts of gear and decorations as well.  The casting was a bit disappointing, a couple of the camels had bubbles in the chests, and there were several spears missing or partially missing.  The spear issue I think is just something about this scale though, as rapier minis have the same problem.  I haven’t had any missing spears or swords with Microworld yet, but they normally have a bit thicker shaft on their models.  The parts are less than a millimeter thick after.  None of the issues were bad, I didn’t end up even trying to correct anything.  I also have a shot of the People of the Sun army as it stands now.

desertpeoplegroupCurrently I am working on some rapier swordsmen, and I have multiple types of chariots to finish as well.  Otherwise this is it.  I think I need to get more infantry……