Elves, Wild Elves, and cheap 6mm terrain ideas

Well, with my new projects my volume has not been as prolific as in the past, but I did still manager to finish my test stands of Wild Elves as well as a couple of command stands for the elves.


The elf command stands are made up of characters form the Woodland Alliance Command pack (from Microworld of course), with a few spear men thrown on.  I also.  Other than the two command stands, the rest of the characters from the command pack were individually based to attach to units later.  I also painted multiple flags, mostly with simile designs or different colors.


The wild elves (which are a bit difficult to see in these) were just a test, I still have another 6 or so stands to do.  I mostly wanted to see if they looked ok spread out, and with multi color outfits.  I think they work, I was going for a harlequin type look (though  obviously not as elaborate.)  The figures themselves are fantastic, with really dynamic poses (three of them, one in a handstand!).  They really look like a dervish of guys on the table, Im thinking about making some larger bases of them later to enhance the look.

Now that I have I have finished a decent number of figures, I can actually play some games now.  I have played several more games of Mighty Armies now, and as my base game I am pretty satisfied.  I am going to make some modifications I think, but over all I like it.  The biggest problem I have encountered so far is no terrain.  Im a cheap bastard when I can be, and I have come up with fairly serviceable cheapo options I think.  FIrst up hedges and walls.

wallhedgecomp wallsclose wallsnhedges

These were fairly easy to make, and probably the most elaborate of the terrain I have so far.  All of the terrain I have made so far is just mounted on cut up cereal boxes headed for recycling anyway (I just pre-re-cycled?).  For the hedges and most of the walls, I just cut up a greenie sponge you can pickup packs of at the dollar store.  I did try making a wall out of styrene (the back one in the last picture) that I think came out looking more like a well constructed wall rather than a pile of stones.

ballasting scrubby

The hedges were made with just a plain 1/4 inches thick strip of the sponge, I found that a bit thick so I cut that in half for the walls.  Then I just covered them in pva mixed with a bit of water and dark grey paint, slathered it on and dunked in either my woodland scenics foam, or for the walls fine ballast.  I then drybrushed the hedges with bright green, and the walls with two shades of light grey.  For the walls I did try different color washes (and one one a light brown dry brush) for some different looks as well.  Added some more foam to the walls and then painted the bases brown and they were done.


Here we have some cheap fields I made. Just cereal box carboard again, this one with some rows painted on with a couple shades of brown.  These look pretty low rent, I will probably make some replacements with ballast and foam down the road, they work for now though.


A little bit of a rocky area here.  For the bigger rocks I carved up some foam spacers I had grabbed out of a package, then mixed some ballast with some other grits I have and glued them all on with pva.  This one’s cereal box base warped a bit form all the glue, so next time I will probably try mod podge or wood glue and see if I can reduce that.  I painted the big rocks with some dark grey and a little dry brushing, and then the other stuff with some dark and light browns.  I think next time  might add a little static grass in there for some more color too.


This one is my favorite.  Again just cereal box cardboard.  I glued some ballast around the outside, painted dark brown with some dry brushing (same with the little islands in the middle there.  I used some craft paints for the pond, making it a bit darker where the water was deeper.  I also added a bit of grass stuffs I have, and a few bits of turf foam for variety.


Last photo is just a shot of what I have left so far.  Left side starts with lizard men (mostly spear men, which ironically not eve in the picture), Woodland alliance (lots of eagles, centaurs, and some other stuff), a bunch of baccus egyptians with a ton (like 20) chariots from rapier and baccus, and then a micro world undead army to start (yay!).  I also have some baccus scots my GF got me quite a while ago, not sure what I’m going to do with those, as I don’t game the period, I think make a nice scenic base at some point.

As you can see I still have tons left to do.  I am still chugging along on space hulk and my new vikings project.  The wild elves take a lot of time with all the different outfits, so it will be a while before my next post again I suspect.  Fear not (cause I have TONS of readers :P) I shall return!  What with all the fantastic new releases Steve keeps making a MIcroworld, I have years of work still ahead of me :D.