Meesa Have Pointy Sticks!

Several Lizardmen (well 2…..) projects have been completed, finally.  My painting has really been slack this summer.  I hate heat, and it has been a long sticky summer in Oregon, so my painting has been glacial (you are getting weather puns because that’s about the only thing funny about weather and the future of weather currently).  First up are a couple shots of my finished lizardmen spear reinforcements.

newlizardspear1 spearhorde

I have 11 spearmen stands total now.  Some of the very first 6mm models I painted are just viewable in the background on the right photo.

lizardspearcompfront spearcompprofile

The figures on the right in both photos are the oldest painted ones.  I actually thing the older ones look better close up (I definitely took more time on them), but I think the newer ones look better from distances more than even an inch really.  The models themselves are, as usual, fantastic.  Both packs of spearmen I got have been the cleanest casts of all (which says a lot, as I would say even normally you are talking one in maybe 200 figures having an imperfection), and they look awesome lined up with each other.  I sound like a broken record, but Microworld minis are on average better than most companies best, and that includes 28mm

Next up are some custom command stands I built up.


The smaller stand is just some spearmen and a couple of guys form the command pack.  I painted up the big dino kind of albino-y, and I thought he looks quite good.

Emperor Jar Jar exhorts his troops

Emperor Jar Jar exhorts his troops

I am stoked with the big 40×40 command stand though.  I deliberately wanted it to look like Jar Jar Binks (which you had darn well better know who that is if you are looking at this), and it the whole thing came out great. I used some spear men, a couple figures from the Lizardman Command pack, and one of the riders from the big dino models (they share the same drop on between several of the models).  I made the litter out of a little piece of wood and some wire, and then made some teeny (although if scales are about the size of a small car i think..) little skull piles on the litter.  For the guys holding the thing up I bent the arms over and cut off the spears of two spearmen on one side, and then used the drummer figures on the other side, gluing the contraption on top.  I also stuck some little green stuff shields over the top.  You cant hardly see anything amiss close up even.

I still have a ton of stuff to paint.  I have bought a variety of pendraken figures I hope to be able to show soon.  Some scale well, some not so much.  Steve is also cooking up a TON of new stuff.  Check out the tactical command forums for more details, but already there have been a whole bunch of demon releases (i am totally getting a demon cohort!), a fantastic looking renaissance style army is on the way, and just the other day some new wood elf releases, among a host of other things.  There is even a new set of rules based on Microworld figures (which I am totally going to check out).  The just keeps bigger and better!  If you read this Steve, thanks a million man!