I’m not dead yet!

Despite the lack of posting, the blog does indeed live.  A combination of a difficult to paint group and multiple other projects have slowed me down.  I showed previously a few test stands of the Microworld Wild Elves i had done, well I have finished now.  A total of 15 stands of crazed Elves are now at my disposal….

wildelf1 wildelf2 wildelf3 wildelfgroup1

These figures are just fantastic. There are three poses, each radically different. There is one dude with no shirt with a spear, a guy with a sword doing a cartwheel, and a guy swinging a big ole halberd around.  I didn’t pack them super tight, but as you can see they create a great sense of mass in motion, and the details are just insane for this scale.  I wanted to make them look a bit harlequin on the table.  Truth be told, I had the harlequins of WH40k in my minds eye.  Obviously there is no way to get that kind of detailed painting at this scale (at least not at my skill level), so I elected to use a variety of bright colors.  I would estimate at least 15+ different shades of various colors (I did not include purple as that is the only unifying color for my lizardmen army).  It took FOREVER, especially the highlighting.

My other 6mm project has been more terrain.  I have already made a large forest canopy, along the lines of this, but I wanted something different and more…fantasy-ey.  Finally I decided on mushrooms as my alternative to forests for at least part of my fantasy world.

mushroomgroup mushroomlower

I used this great stuff I found at blicks called Pearl Air dry clay.  I think it is similar to Das clay I see people talk about all over (I actually located some of that shortly after getting this stuff I will try later).  I was hoping I could make things a bit smaller for say a house or something, and I could, but it would be much more work than using something else, i.e plastic.  Otherwise though, its great stuff, i didn’t try particularly hard, as I wanted a rough finish, but you can make it quite smooth, it dries hard as a rock, and is perfectly sandable.  I made all the caps and then the stalks separately, glued them together and painted them with a variety of craft acrylics I have around.  Then they got stuck to some 40x40mm and 20x20mm renedra bases i have left over from my gripping beast plastic sets.  Ive been using spackling compound to smooth out bases lately, and then glued some flock on.  The clay was 5 dollars at blicks I think and you could use anything for the bases.  I made3 large and two small stands and still had 3/4 of the package left.

I next finished up a ruined lizard man temple.  The attempts to make the top look like a broken giant statue of some lizard god were less than successful, but overall this is my favorite piece I’ve made so far.

lizardtempleside lizardtemplwelfs

I used the side of a spatula to make the stairs, while the statue, pedestal, and alter were made separately.  The alter was a huge pain in the but to get something so small to look even remotely square, hence my comment about smaller details.  No spackle this time, just straight on the base with some various flocks on the base and sides.  The little vines are just strings of glue with some green flock tossed on and left for a bit, i thought they came out quite good.

One of my gripes (if you could call it that) with Mighty armies is the magic is pretty vanilla.  Its totally understandable as magic can get quite out of hand and unbalanced in a miniatures game.  Luckily I care little about balance, and more about Neato!  Consequently I’ve been coming up with all kinds of crazy spells from old games and my own head to try out.  Two of them were the oldies but goodies walls of water and fire.  I wanted to have them persist for at least a turn on the battle field, so made up some ‘templates’


I used the pearl clay for these and stuck them to some spare 150 (I think)x20 renedra bases I had.  People griped a bit about the base sprue that comes with the gripping beast kits, but I’ve found all kinds of uses for them so far (beyond the obvious ofc)

I’m still plugging away at my other projects.  The basic viking army has been finished and I am starting the anglo-saxons now.  Next up will be some lizard man spearmen.  I think I have one crappy photo somewhere on here of them, they were one of the first microworld figures I painted, but I have subsequently purchased a few more packs to round out the army that I will be working on.  I will leave you with a group terrain shot, and hopefully be a little more active going forward.