Leet Lizards

While I have not been able to devote as much time as normal to my 6mm painting, I have completed (and started on another) unit of Lizardmen.  These guys took a while, but I am very happy with how they look.  These are Microworld’s Ceratopsid Guard.  I completed two packs of them here.

onmarchabovecerato columcerataThese guys are just as detailed as any of Microworld’s other figures.  Each figure has plating on his chest and head ‘shroud’  (I’m sure there is a technical term I don’t know here), with a large glaive/halberd/spear/axe thingy.  One of the figures is getting ready to swing, while the other has his weapon at his side.  I went with yellow as the primary color, which was a lot of work, but I think looks pretty good.

Lowrightsidecerata lowfrontceratThese photos show the colors a little closer up.  As most probably know, yellow can be a tough color to paint.  I wanted to have a bright yellow, that was deep at the same time.  I started with white gessoing as I posted about previously.  I gave them a fairly thin coat of a bright yellow Reaper HD paint (pale saffron I believe).  These HD paints are great, very dense pigments, similar but thinner to GW Base colors.  Just a touch of water to thin it down (reaper is pretty thin to start), and even just one coat on barely-there gesso and I had a solid base coat.

After I base coated, I put a very thick coating of GW Agrax earthshade.  This gave me a nice, nutty brown base with deep dark brown shadows, just what I wanted.  I already go way overboard for 6mm, so no blending, but to get the bright yellow I wanted, I did put three (yes three) levels of highlights on them, using a mix of reaper, GW, and P3 yellows (one from each manufacturer I believe lol).

The purple on the other hand, I was not so happy with.  It looks ok, but I am having a real hard time getting a really bright highlighted purple.  The best Ive been able to do is using the reaper dark elf skin tone highlight, it it looks nice for what it is, but makes the purple look washed out.  I think I might try using pink to highlight next time…  We shall see.

One last picture to show that I have in fact been working on something else.  A Tyrannid sending his loyal horde of mini minions forth (or they are running in terror, depending on your perspective). 😀



Ballistas and Bears

I have finally finished my werebear units from Microworld.

werebearclose1 werebeargroup2JPG werebeargroup1 werebearclosegroup1I really like these guys.   I love that they are all roaring, and the size of them is just right.  I decided to paint them a little Fozzie the bear style, which i think looks great at this scale.  I actually finished most of them quite a while back, but realized there were a few I missed, so held off basing them until all were finished.

At the moment I only have the group that came with the original woodland army pack I purchased, but there will be more as soon as the lead pile is lowered a bit.  Ive looked at my army so far, and I am sorely lacking infantry still, even with these guys and all the Gnolls I have.    Steve has indicated new wood elf models are coming soon, so that may change things.

Next up are some of Microworld’s Anklyo Ballista.  I mentioned how much I liked anklyosaurs, so its not surprise I love these models too! 😀

yellowballista ballistagroupside ballistagroup1I was not so happy with my painting unfortunately.  Initially my idea what to put some more color in the army.  Green lizardmen, green dinosaur guys, green green green.  So I went with some different colors; red, yellow, and purple in this case.  The yellow and purple look ok individually, while the red guys are way too bright.  As a group they just look a bit weird.

I had different idea initially on how to set these guys up, but as I assume I’ll be getting more down the road for the moment I just glued the ballistas (Ballisti?) on and based them individually on 40x20mm bases.  Down the road I envision magnetizing them, as I see no reason you couldn’t swap out any of the other lizardmen drop ons (i.e. the howdahs and king/sorcerer on a chair guy).  I could see some cool diorama style bases being made as well.  Incidently, other than the general, and two guys on top of the brachiosaur, all the dino models so far have the lizardman parts molded seperately, I can envision many different both fantasy and sci fi conversion possibilities.

Still have the ceratospids being worked on, I’m probably about 1/2 done on those, while space hulk is still just starting…  Hopefully it wont be too very long before I post again.


I will finish with posting a little ebony and ivory action.   Please imagine the photograph (again all done by my fantastic girlfriend) appropriately.  /cue music