Yet Another New Army and other stuffs

I had mentioned it briefly, but yet another army has been started.  This time,  DBA 1st and 2nd Punic war Carthaginians!


The first unit I have finished is two (more than I need, but I still have extra figures) bases of psiloi for DBA.  These particluar figures are the psiloi-slingers, oddly enough, AGR04.

They are nice little figures.  I wish I would have painted the skin a lighter shade, but I wanted them to look spanish/NE african.  They will work.

I have elected to order all my figures from baccus.  A friend of mine from work and I have decided we want to try DBA, and made one large order from Baccus.  We got a nice big square box stuffed with…stuff.

I got some terrain pieces that will be up at one point, celt and Saxon villages, some walls, some bridges.  All kinds of goodies.  I am already almost finished with two more units, which will hopefully be posted here soon.

I’ve painted these before, but now I have a whole TON of microworld Hawk Riders.

I already have probably double these done, so the Elves have a formidable airforce, Woe to the lizardman foes!  Again great figures, done no justice by cruddy photography and less than amazing painting.


The last fantasy thing today is some Pendraken treemen.  These were from their accessories range.  I say were, because I can no longer find them on their website, nor the giant or some of the other figures i bought.  I don’t know if they discontinued them or what…  Anyway, they were nice figures it appears…

Last things I have today are some dystopian wars tanks, specifically Britannia Terrier small tanks.  The amount of detail Spartan get is really just amazing.  Its to bad they discontinued their fantasy game naval game..

Last item today is a Britannia Brunel class carrier.  A massive brick of a model, I have two of them, this is the first painted one though.  Nicely detailed, looks cool as heck, I have no idea if it’s any good to play a game with though.  As you can see, I kept the base clear, I have elected to do this on all of my dystopian wars stuff, i cant come up with an alternative i like better.

That’s it today, expect more historical things next post, and I think I might show some 28mm army shots since I have finished some projects.  Thanks for reading!


New Workspace and more Woodland Realm

There has not been much painting lately, due to my Significant Other and myself saving and buying a new condo.  That said, we have nearly doubled our square footage, allowing us a craft/game room, which of course means I have gotten a new painting area.


I was able to get my old drafting desk from my storage at my mother’s, so I have a nice (mostly) stable work surface now, and then half of a book shelf for current projects.  You can see Dystopian Wars (which at some point I will post some of probably), some anglo saxons, and some parts of a few genestealers (yea, im still working on that project).  The lead pile is under the desk mostly.  The drafting desk is nice because I can set it taller (im 6’3″), making for painting that is easier on my back and shoulders.


For miniatures, the latest completion were some Microworld Woodelf Archers .  Even with the one pack I did before, I still think I might need a few more….Elves should have tons of bows right?

These figures came out great.  Ive paints a pack before, but these ones are definitely better than the last.

Next up are some more centaurs, this time spear users.  These are great figures.  There are two poses, both of which are nice, and unlike the nobles, are very distinct.  I did have a rough time keeping the spears on the guys holding them at an angle straight, but it looks good enough for government work to me.

The detail on these figures is fantastic, my painting don’t do them justice.

Some unfortunate news I have noticed recently, Scale creep miniatures is going to stop getting new baccus minis for at least now.  Which is a real shame, they are the only place I know to get baccus in the US (and always give me a good excuse to get some more coat d’ arms paint 😀 ).  Luckily I had recently ordered some more sun people units.  My current project is some of those very minis, as well as the first of several pendraken miniatures I aquired.

Wood Elf Spearmen and Mighty Armies

Despite the lack of posting, I have not abandoned my 6mm fantasy project.  I have continued to paint, though the pace has slowed a bit with more projects being started.  I was also working on particularly large group of Microworld Wood Elf Spearmen, large groups obviously taking longer to complete.

elfphalanxfront1 elfspearphalanx2I have to say, I feel these are the best guys i have done so far.   Everything was washed (this time with Army painter soft tone, normally I use GW agrax earthshade), and then highlighted.  As usual, the figures themselves are amazing.  There are two poses, one with cloak of head and one with (heavy) metal hair (which I painted several different colors).  I made a total of 9 stands, I must have lost a guy somewhere, as I am one spear man short of a 10th stand.  Which is fine, I’m working on some command stand that will need soldiers.

leftsideelfspear eflspearfrontThe last picture there gives an idea of how small, and how detailed, this little buggers are.   That is a bottle of Coat d’ Arms Rat brown, lid being maybe and inch across.  As I was using the Woodland Army’s theme color, light teal blue, for the cloaks, I elected to paint the shields light gray, and then adding I diagonal stripe on them.  I quite like the the way they came out, some more than others 😛   My next post will likely be a tutorial on how I painted these guys.

frontbackselfspearOne new, now partially completed, project I have started is to stat out all of microworlds figures for mighty armies, starting with of course the elves and lizardmen, which I have completed.  Ive partially completed The people of the sun units I have, and will then start on the rest of microworld’s line.  First up the Woodland Realm.

Unit name, point cost, FS/SS, s

Centaur Archers 4 7 2/1 Mobile, Shoot 2
Centaur Nobles 4 6 3/1 Fearless
Forest Giant 8 4 6/3 Gargantuan, Mobile, Magic Resistant
Gnolls 2 4 2/2
Hawk Riders 5 Flight, Lance/shooting1 (eagle)
Lesser Treekin 6 4 5/2 Monsterous, mobile
Medium Centaurs 3 7 2/1 Mobile
Owl Bears 4 3 4/2 Fearless
Pixies 3 3 2/1 Scouts, Shoot1
Werebears 5 3 4/2 Fearless, Rampager
Wild Elf Warriors 4 4 2/2 Rampager, fearless
Wood Elf Archers 4 3 2/1 Shoot 2, long-ranged
Wood Elf Spearmen 4 3 4/2 Disciplined

Next up the lizard men, same format.

Armored Brachiosaur w/ howdah 9 4 6/3 Gargantuan, Shooting 1, Mobile
Armored Brachiosaur w/ ballista 10 4 6/3 Gargantuan, Artillery, Mobile
Armored Brachiosaur with Sorcerer 8 4 6/3 Gargantuan, Spellcaster
Ceratopsid Guard 5 3 4/2 Disciplined, magic resistant
Lizard-Ogre 5 3 4/2 Rampager, Fearless
Lizardman Archers 2 3 2/1 Shooting 1
Lizardman Spears 3 3 4/2
Lizard Man Warrior 2 4 2/2
Pachyceph Cavalry 2 7 2/1
Triceratops Battlewagon 8 3 5/2 Mobile, Shooting, Long range, Monsterous
Triceratops w/ Ballista 9 3 5/2 Mobile, artillery, Monsterous
Triceratops w/ sorcerer 7 3 5/2 Mobile, Monsterous, spellcaster


Most have these guys have only been used once or twice so far, and as you may have noticed, I have fudged points and added abilities.  I have all the different expansions, as well as might armies ancients, and used (or reviewed for use) all the different abilities in them.  There are also variations for some guys depending on what drop on I may use. I made up the gargantuan, which for now is an additonal point beyond monsterous (roughly) and just adds +1 FS and +1 SS.  As the rules are designed for larger scale figures, i’m forced to come up with some kind of variation on larger scale guys, as the potential variance is pretty different.  I.E. No one playing mighty armies at its designed for 15mm will have a 2 foot tall figure, whereas at some point I may have or use the equivalent ratio at 6mm.

Space Hulk moves a long, I am roughly half way through the Genestealers at this point.   I’ve hit a bit of a snag though….

vik1 vik2I’ve been hit by the historical bug, and currently have roughly 150 really upset, armed, and hairy 28mm men.  The main computer game I have been playing recently is Crusader Kings 2 (a fantastic game), and has really got me interested in the so-called dark ages.  I came across the Saga rules, saw how cheap plastic saxon and viking box sets were and Bam, viking and saxon armies in the mail to me.  So far there have only been some messing around with the figures, but once space hulk is finished the guys will be my next project.

As mentioned, soon I will try and post up a show and tell of how I have paint my 6mm guys….hopefully sooner rather than later.

Elf Bowmen

I finished a few stands of Microworld Wood Elf archers

doubleelfbow elfbowsingleI didn’t want waves of green on green, so teal is being used as the woodland primary color.  Greenish, but my girlfriend loves the color, and the elves are hers, so there you go.  I’ll be painting all the elf stuff this color, while the rest of the woodland realm will incorporate the color as well.  For example I recently finished some Gnolls, using orange as an upper stripe on the shields, with teal on the lower portion of the shield

I also elected to use a brighter, color for elven wood colors.  On the bows I used old school Games workshop spearshaft brown (the pot is literally 20 years old and its still going).  With the small scale, it give the wood more of a finished/lacquered look I think.

The initial order I got from Microworld gave me enough archers for 6 40mm x 20mm stands (the size I am using the most of)  Given the size of the armies I am using, I think I will need to get a few more archers, but for now these should do.