Mighty Armies and Minis

The first rule set I purchased and looked at when I started this project was Mayhem.  I earlier posted a partial army list, and subsequently finished both a lizardman and and Woodland realm list.  After a bit more hunting around though, I think I am going to go with Mighty Armies.  I’ve now played several games, and I quite like it.  Its not perfect, but with the supplements it has lost of different options.  Here are a few pics (some staged…) from my recent solo battles.

behindBrachiovsgiantClashThe last picture is the penultimate battle of the last solo game I played.  With the Brachiosaraus combine with the lizard-ogres are beastly.  I am currently finishing up the lists for both lizards and woodland, and will do the people of the Sun after that.  I plan to post what I am using for stats when I am done, and eventually I hope to stat out all of Steve’s minis.  I have added a few different abilities, and modified some point values a bit as well.  Overall I am really pleased with mighty armies (I bought all the expansion stuff as well), and forsee it being my most commonly played game.  Its one weakness is the small size of the units (although lots of points and grouping solves a bit of that).  Blind Horizons changes to 80×40 ranks for War torn i looking like it might satiate my desire for really BIG battles though.  I’m hoping….

I Have been painting though!  Not so much 6mm though.  I did manage to finish my Lizardman Lizard riders, and I think they look great!

lizardriderclose lizardriders1Pictures once again by my Girlfriend 😀  After painting these though, I have decided I HATE orange.  I used my usually watery gesso, and base coated with a light tan color (and old reaper paint) and still I had troubles.  I tried no less than 5 different lines or brands of paint and still didn’t get quite that look i wanted.  That said, they still look great i think.  Most of my time though has been devoted to space hulk as I slowly churn out tryanids…

tyranidgroup1 tyranidsoloFor now that is it.  I will shortly start posting some mighty armies info, but probably a few less pics for a bit.  I am starting on some elf spear men, and I have a lot (I think probably 3 packs of them), so it will take a bit.  Im thinking about doing some heraldry on some shields to…..