Yet Another New Army and other stuffs

I had mentioned it briefly, but yet another army has been started.  This time,  DBA 1st and 2nd Punic war Carthaginians!


The first unit I have finished is two (more than I need, but I still have extra figures) bases of psiloi for DBA.  These particluar figures are the psiloi-slingers, oddly enough, AGR04.

They are nice little figures.  I wish I would have painted the skin a lighter shade, but I wanted them to look spanish/NE african.  They will work.

I have elected to order all my figures from baccus.  A friend of mine from work and I have decided we want to try DBA, and made one large order from Baccus.  We got a nice big square box stuffed with…stuff.

I got some terrain pieces that will be up at one point, celt and Saxon villages, some walls, some bridges.  All kinds of goodies.  I am already almost finished with two more units, which will hopefully be posted here soon.

I’ve painted these before, but now I have a whole TON of microworld Hawk Riders.

I already have probably double these done, so the Elves have a formidable airforce, Woe to the lizardman foes!  Again great figures, done no justice by cruddy photography and less than amazing painting.


The last fantasy thing today is some Pendraken treemen.  These were from their accessories range.  I say were, because I can no longer find them on their website, nor the giant or some of the other figures i bought.  I don’t know if they discontinued them or what…  Anyway, they were nice figures it appears…

Last things I have today are some dystopian wars tanks, specifically Britannia Terrier small tanks.  The amount of detail Spartan get is really just amazing.  Its to bad they discontinued their fantasy game naval game..

Last item today is a Britannia Brunel class carrier.  A massive brick of a model, I have two of them, this is the first painted one though.  Nicely detailed, looks cool as heck, I have no idea if it’s any good to play a game with though.  As you can see, I kept the base clear, I have elected to do this on all of my dystopian wars stuff, i cant come up with an alternative i like better.

That’s it today, expect more historical things next post, and I think I might show some 28mm army shots since I have finished some projects.  Thanks for reading!


Alternate scales and manufacturers

While I do believe Microworld makes the best Fantasy 6mm miniatures (well, practically the only really…), there are alternatives out there.  For the most part I have restricted myself to Baccus and Rapier.  There are several other 6mm companies for sci fi, which are of marginal usefulness for my needs, as well as the other major historical maker, Adler.    Something else I have started looking at, especially for monsters, is 10mm (and Kalistra’s 12mm, which I have not purchased from as yet).

First up we have a few minis here from Baccus and Rapier.



To the left we have the Baccus AIN05 – Indian 4 Crew Chariot, to the right Rapier chariots EGY005.  For my people of the sun group, I use both Egyptian and Endian figures (and even Persian for elephants..)

The Baccus model comes in multiple pieces, the horse are mounted two in line, while the chariot has separate sides with the arches and wheels molded, body, and then two men in the center molded together.  The sides can be a little fiddly to put together, but generally work ok.  The detail on the characters themselves isn’t as good as microworld (which as I’ve mentioned before, really isn’t a huge detail gaming wise at this scale), but it all looks fairly nice together.

The rapier came with two separate horses, body, wheels, and then several different guys molded separately to attach to the chariot.  I ordered a mess of the rapier stuff last year, and while the parts were great, I was missing several sets of wheels, so was not able to assemble as many as I liked (im sure they probably would have sent the wheels if I had asked, but it seems like a lot of money and work to send all the way from UK).  Both models look great I think, the baccus ones are a little more formal shall we say, like the chariots are awaiting orders.  The rapiers though have a lot of animation, the horses, while not quite as detailed, have a good sense of motion to them.  The figures for mounting are great, I think there were three types, I actually used some of them on the Baccus chariots as well.  The only issue I had was the bases were pretty big, even after filing everything down, they are all pretty much stuck in there with a blob of glue 😀

I also made a large purchase of Pendraken miniatures last year, via the warstore.  Pendraken is fantastic, when I was starting with small scales, it was really between Microworld and Pendraken.  They have a HUGE range of stuff they are always adding to.  Unfortunately it is hard to find a pictures of a lot of their stuff (there is just so much really), and shipping from UK is expensive, so I never took a chance.  Then I saw Neil at warstore was importing them on a limited basis.  It did take a while to get (Neil basically orders the stuff for you and then sends), but I like giving my money to warstore, and my hope is that with every order that is sent there will be some stock added (so order :P).  I have multiple models, but for today, just the two.



First up is AC 14 flying dragon from the accessories range, this particular guy will roll with the Woodland realm .   Its hard to tell here, but to me this guy looks to small to be a 10mm dragon (which might be why he is in the accessories range), but my purposes this guy is fantastic!  I have another one that I think will be painted up as a black dragon for fighting this guy.  The figure has a base and post for mounting (you can see the base partially showing on my basing here).  The metal is very soft, so posing is not a problem, they come in a straight flying pose, I bent mine around so it looks like some poor bastard is about to get flamed.  Fantastic model, and perfect size for 6mm (there will be some (bad) comparison shots at the end)


Last one for this time is a AC3 small frogs, from the same accessories line (I ordered a bunch, there are multiple good models in there)  My painting is frankly kinda crap on these (I might go back and do a highlight again), but the models themselves are great for giant frogs.  They come with three frogs molded to each base, one head does have a wierd metal tag coming of it (I had it on all, I couldnt tell if it i was the nature of the sculpt or a bad cast, such is the nature of 6mm sometimes :P)  I apologize for the word-i-ness this post, I will finish with a couple of compairison photos.  For scale, the line photo has a stand of microworld spear elfs and some gnolls in the back (that are barely visible)

As you can see, they all scale pretty well together.  Currently I am working on a mess of microworld Pixies, as well as a bunch of more dystopian wars stuff (I have a bad feeling Spartan games may be going out of business, the stuff is on firesale all over :(), which I think I will start posting some of (they are 1/1200 after all), as well as more Pendraken models, and a new Microworld army to start!  Stay tuned (does that even mean anything to people anymore?)!

Sallah….I said no Camels!

As soon as I decided I was going to have a desert type of faction, I knew I wanted camels.  Don’t ask me why, but I find the idea of an enraged camel wading into a phalanx of warriors totally plausible. Surprisingly there are not really very many camel options in 6mm.  Luckily, Baccus CMA4 mahdist camelry was exactly what I needed.

4020closebehindcamel groupcamelclose

You get enough guys in each pack for quite a few stands if you are using 4 per 40x20mm as I am (i did load up one 40×40).  The standards are just masking tape painted.  I’ve decided the People of the Sun’s motif will be suns, so yellow circles, and yellow and general.

4040camel groupcamelatmospherecloseMy girlfriend took several of these photos, and hers are much better, so I might start enlisting her as my new photographer 😀  I was pretty happy with these models.  All the models on each strip are slightly different.  They are armed with spears, and most of them have shields.   Each one has varying amounts of gear and decorations as well.  The casting was a bit disappointing, a couple of the camels had bubbles in the chests, and there were several spears missing or partially missing.  The spear issue I think is just something about this scale though, as rapier minis have the same problem.  I haven’t had any missing spears or swords with Microworld yet, but they normally have a bit thicker shaft on their models.  The parts are less than a millimeter thick after.  None of the issues were bad, I didn’t end up even trying to correct anything.  I also have a shot of the People of the Sun army as it stands now.

desertpeoplegroupCurrently I am working on some rapier swordsmen, and I have multiple types of chariots to finish as well.  Otherwise this is it.  I think I need to get more infantry……

People of the Sun

Well, that’s the name I’ve settled on, the People of the Sun. I know I said I was working on lizardmen warriors, and I am, but I ordered another 120…. Anyway, I have been painting other 6mm figures, in this case more Baccus.

indianunit indiangroup

These are AIN1, Indian Javelins.  I like this model quite a bit, the standard unit in particular is nice. I just went with a simple gold circle for these little dude’s standard, but i could see a good painter going nuts.  Next up are some sherden I finished (Baccus AEG7)

sherdenunit sherdenbackfront

Pictures for these guys didn’t come out so hot.  These are probably the most detailed figures I’ve done from Bacchus so far.  The up torso could pass as clothing or armor, in my case I gave them a bronze look.  They are a bit odd in that they appear to be sporting huge mustachios, which given the dearth of information on the sherden, I guess its possible, just seemed a bit weird (I didn’t paint them on my guys).  The  only issue I had with these guys was a tag of metal on their heads, connected to their swords.  On the Baccus page,they just left them.  I couldn’t do that, so I went along and cut them all.  Not a big deal, although I did break one guy off, who now has a lump of superglue for legs.  Just a bit of a PITA.


Here is a comparison shot of dubious value owing to the angle of the photo.  As is not shown well here, the Baccus figures scale extremely well with mircoworld.  Microworld figures are generally more detailed, and certainly a bit more robust in the case of the elves, but any farther away than 6 inches and they all look the sam

suncommandright suncommandleft

And finally a couple slightly fuzzy photos of Baccus AEG9, Egyptian command.  In my case, sun people.  I didn’t use all the command pack figures here, the chariot, couple scouts and some horns.  I did have one standard bearer who had lost his standard storming out of the molds, so I used some wire and grey stuff to make him a more conventional big giant flag standard.  Quite happy with these guys, the chariot model and its horses are of questionable sculpting, but the rest is great.  The pharaoh in particular I like.  This post is getting a bit long, so I will finish with a few more comparison shots.



I’ve got a few projects nearing completion here (including lizardmen warriors…), and some technical things I wanted to post about, so hopefully there will shortly be more posting.


First Baccus based

I just finished up the basing of the first Baccus figures I have completed.

elephantfront elephantsleftThese are the Baccus AM16 elephants again.  I wasn’t super crazy about them at first, but then I realized they were missing the lances.  Much cooler with them 😀  I think they scale very well with the Microworld  figures also.

My ‘Desert People’ faction have blue as their primary color as well (with a yellow as secondary) like the elves, just….darker blue.  Otherwise I used a bare earth flock I think its call (it all goes in bins, so I never know the names).  I stuck some little stones I had on their as well.  I wanted a desert/steppe thing going on…   It doesn’t really look like desert to me, but it looks nice anyway, so I’ll keep it up (probably sans rocks though).  I’m generally pretty terrible at basing (in 6mm or any other scale) though.

egyptclose axemenback EgyptgroupJPGThe Baccus Egyptian Axemen, AEG3 . I really liked the way these guys came out.  I might replace the standard someday, but otherwise they look great.  I’m not sure if I didn’t get all of them, or misplaced some (I have a bit of a lead pile built up), but this was all I had, so packed them all onto two 40x20mm bases.

I think the Baccus strips would look way better on 1 40×40 base.  I could probably get another row of guys on there. With these guys currently, there are small spaces at the front and back, so when placed together they look like two groups.  On the plus side I was able to glue some flock on, otherwise the guys are so compact on the bases I wouldn’t even try to get glue in there.  Once I finish a few more Baccus units (I have some Sherden, some chariots, and some Scottish Highla…wait a minute, how did those get in there?) I will post some comparison shots with Microworld.  So far, everything seems pretty much compatible.  I’ve got some Rapier on the way as well….  All the Baccus figures (I think) are available at Scale Creep Miniatures.  They have good stuff, give them your money.

Baccus WIP shots

The baccus units will be used as allies for the main fantasy elf force I am in the process of building.  These are wip shots of the models being paints so far.


This is a WIP shot of a Baccus AMA16 Successor Elephant, I have just realized when posting this the spears of my elephants are missing.  I will be adding some wire to them to replace what is missing.



These are baccus AEG3 Egyptian Axemen WIP shots.  The pictures on baccus website show them wearing no shirts, but looking closely at the models, it sure appears to me they are wearing robes.  Regardless, in my campaign this group will be from a desert area, and they will be assisting elves in their forest realm.  Clothes seem to make more sense, so I will be sticking with the robes.

When compared to the microworld figures I have, the baccus are clearly smaller.  Both shorter and slighter of build, but not enough to make a difference I don’t think.  Their strip model definitely makes for a more compact looking unit in the end.  Once I have more completed I will post some based comparison shots.