Terrain Module

I’ve mostly completed the first of 6 planned terrain modules.  The idea in my head is a series of campaign scenarios played over various portions of the map, culminating in one large castle siege.  We shall see how that pans out….

mapoverheadThe module is based on a 2’x2′ chunk of pink foam (Home depot sells them conveniently in this size, how nice of them).  This was my original inspiration.  Unfortunately I am not nearly as skilled as that gentlemen.  When I tried to place the fabric on, it got horribly wrinkled.  I elected to cover the board in sheetrock plaster.  This actually didn’t turn out to be to bad of a thing.  The board is much more rigid now, and has a bit more heft to it.  My previous experiments with plaster had shown that I needed a porras surface to adhere to anyway, and the fabric provided it.

maphillMy girlfriend helped me paint up the board, the river being her main work.  Frankly its the best portion.  The ‘swamp’ to the right just doesn’t look anything like a swamp to me.  I am going to do some experimenting with water effects on the river, hopefully I won’t ruin the nice paint job.  The eventual plan is that right on the next board will be a small lake and large waterfall…with a castle on top.


The bridge was just made from some plastic sheet I cut.  You can’t see in the pictures, but there is a small arch.  I swear.  The road looks decent, but I still have not perfected my road laying skills, so its a bit uneven.  Overall, for a first effort I’m OK with it.  For the initial scenario I have in mind, it should work well.  Part of the reason I really dig 6mm models, is I can realistically play a fun battle on a relatively small space.  If I happen to have access to a full sized table, well watch out.  Now just to finish a few more stands of lizard man warriors.

First Baccus based

I just finished up the basing of the first Baccus figures I have completed.

elephantfront elephantsleftThese are the Baccus AM16 elephants again.  I wasn’t super crazy about them at first, but then I realized they were missing the lances.  Much cooler with them 😀  I think they scale very well with the Microworld  figures also.

My ‘Desert People’ faction have blue as their primary color as well (with a yellow as secondary) like the elves, just….darker blue.  Otherwise I used a bare earth flock I think its call (it all goes in bins, so I never know the names).  I stuck some little stones I had on their as well.  I wanted a desert/steppe thing going on…   It doesn’t really look like desert to me, but it looks nice anyway, so I’ll keep it up (probably sans rocks though).  I’m generally pretty terrible at basing (in 6mm or any other scale) though.

egyptclose axemenback EgyptgroupJPGThe Baccus Egyptian Axemen, AEG3 . I really liked the way these guys came out.  I might replace the standard someday, but otherwise they look great.  I’m not sure if I didn’t get all of them, or misplaced some (I have a bit of a lead pile built up), but this was all I had, so packed them all onto two 40x20mm bases.

I think the Baccus strips would look way better on 1 40×40 base.  I could probably get another row of guys on there. With these guys currently, there are small spaces at the front and back, so when placed together they look like two groups.  On the plus side I was able to glue some flock on, otherwise the guys are so compact on the bases I wouldn’t even try to get glue in there.  Once I finish a few more Baccus units (I have some Sherden, some chariots, and some Scottish Highla…wait a minute, how did those get in there?) I will post some comparison shots with Microworld.  So far, everything seems pretty much compatible.  I’ve got some Rapier on the way as well….  All the Baccus figures (I think) are available at Scale Creep Miniatures.  They have good stuff, give them your money.

6mm Microworld Lizard-Ogres based

These were some of the first Microworld models I finished.  They are definitely one of my favorites.  Lizard-Ogre even sounds cool.

lizardogre40401 lizardogre40402 lizardogrebackThe Anklyosaurus was always one of my favorite dinosaurs growing up, so its no surprise I like these guys so much.  The triceratops Battlewagons are a favorite for the same reason.

lizardogre20201 LizardogregroupI still haven’t completely decided what game system I want to use, so I based some on 40mmx20mm bases as well as 40×40.   With a few 40×20 bases, I have options for some sort of casualty removal if needed.

Right now I’m starting with Mayhem.  I’ve started army lists for woodland and Lizardmen.  At some point I will post them, but as yet I have not tried them out.  I’ve a copy of War and Conquest on order also, but that might be more for an ancients project…

Last two pictures.

Lizardogregroup lizardogreupclose

Bowhawk or Spearhawk

Completed two bases of Microworld Hawk Riders

EAGLEBOW1EAGLEBOW2I got my hawk riders as part of Microworld’s wood elf bundle, so I only had six of these guys.  Rather than mix them up two to a base, I’ve put three of each on two bases.  It’s pretty tight, but they got on there.

EAGLESPEARdoubleeagleI’m thinking I will probably order another pack of these. I like the models quite a bit.  The elves don’t appear to have any saddles or such.  The spear guy is grabbing his hawk, but the bow guy is just kneeling there firing arrows off at people.  Awesome.  My only quibble is the posts they stand on.  They are pretty thick,  and every other thin thing I have gotten so far has been pretty sturdy.  These guys seem to be pretty soft though, and bend easily.  I’m anticipating having to drill them out at some point. If I do get more in the future, I may just drill them from the start.

With the basing I’m using now, the default pack size of 10 means I’ll need to buy 3 more packs, or end up with an odd (or even as the case may be) number remaining.   That’s a lot of eagles……I guess maybe I’ll just have to get a second wood elf army bundle!


Microworld Gnolls

I mentioned them in my last post, so here are two pictures of the Gnolls I’ve painted.

Gnoll1In order to show they are allies, Ive used the same teal color on the shields, with a bright orange stripe to represent another faction.   I also stuck with the same basing material to further reinforce the unity of the…..units.  The same thing has been done with the lizardman army.  The effect of course works better in a larger group, as well as in person.


When I bought these units, i bought the overall ‘Woodland army Pack‘ as well as an additional single pack (I wanted the elf army to have more infantry than just their spear units and the Wild elves).  This gave me an odd number of figures that I didn’t realize until I started basing.  As a result, three of the bases are all specific weapons (swords or clubs), but one is mixed.  I prefer what you see is what you get type basing, but figure they might be used in a horde and can always just remember what weapon they have if needed.

Elf Bowmen

I finished a few stands of Microworld Wood Elf archers

doubleelfbow elfbowsingleI didn’t want waves of green on green, so teal is being used as the woodland primary color.  Greenish, but my girlfriend loves the color, and the elves are hers, so there you go.  I’ll be painting all the elf stuff this color, while the rest of the woodland realm will incorporate the color as well.  For example I recently finished some Gnolls, using orange as an upper stripe on the shields, with teal on the lower portion of the shield

I also elected to use a brighter, color for elven wood colors.  On the bows I used old school Games workshop spearshaft brown (the pot is literally 20 years old and its still going).  With the small scale, it give the wood more of a finished/lacquered look I think.

The initial order I got from Microworld gave me enough archers for 6 40mm x 20mm stands (the size I am using the most of)  Given the size of the armies I am using, I think I will need to get a few more archers, but for now these should do.

Woodland Army first units

The first completed units for an impending wood elf army.  Of course, neither unit is an elf.

treekinfront treekinrear Microworld Lesser Treekin

I stuck these on 40mmx40mm bases with some woodland scenic flock and foam bits.  Most of my bases get painted with a burnt umber base color, then more burnt umber with paint to attach the flock.  Everything gets a good coat of krylon flat finish at the end.


forestgiantMicroworld Forest Giant

Baccus WIP shots

The baccus units will be used as allies for the main fantasy elf force I am in the process of building.  These are wip shots of the models being paints so far.


This is a WIP shot of a Baccus AMA16 Successor Elephant, I have just realized when posting this the spears of my elephants are missing.  I will be adding some wire to them to replace what is missing.



These are baccus AEG3 Egyptian Axemen WIP shots.  The pictures on baccus website show them wearing no shirts, but looking closely at the models, it sure appears to me they are wearing robes.  Regardless, in my campaign this group will be from a desert area, and they will be assisting elves in their forest realm.  Clothes seem to make more sense, so I will be sticking with the robes.

When compared to the microworld figures I have, the baccus are clearly smaller.  Both shorter and slighter of build, but not enough to make a difference I don’t think.  Their strip model definitely makes for a more compact looking unit in the end.  Once I have more completed I will post some based comparison shots.