People of the Sun

Well, that’s the name I’ve settled on, the People of the Sun. I know I said I was working on lizardmen warriors, and I am, but I ordered another 120…. Anyway, I have been painting other 6mm figures, in this case more Baccus.

indianunit indiangroup

These are AIN1, Indian Javelins.  I like this model quite a bit, the standard unit in particular is nice. I just went with a simple gold circle for these little dude’s standard, but i could see a good painter going nuts.  Next up are some sherden I finished (Baccus AEG7)

sherdenunit sherdenbackfront

Pictures for these guys didn’t come out so hot.  These are probably the most detailed figures I’ve done from Bacchus so far.  The up torso could pass as clothing or armor, in my case I gave them a bronze look.  They are a bit odd in that they appear to be sporting huge mustachios, which given the dearth of information on the sherden, I guess its possible, just seemed a bit weird (I didn’t paint them on my guys).  The  only issue I had with these guys was a tag of metal on their heads, connected to their swords.  On the Baccus page,they just left them.  I couldn’t do that, so I went along and cut them all.  Not a big deal, although I did break one guy off, who now has a lump of superglue for legs.  Just a bit of a PITA.


Here is a comparison shot of dubious value owing to the angle of the photo.  As is not shown well here, the Baccus figures scale extremely well with mircoworld.  Microworld figures are generally more detailed, and certainly a bit more robust in the case of the elves, but any farther away than 6 inches and they all look the sam

suncommandright suncommandleft

And finally a couple slightly fuzzy photos of Baccus AEG9, Egyptian command.  In my case, sun people.  I didn’t use all the command pack figures here, the chariot, couple scouts and some horns.  I did have one standard bearer who had lost his standard storming out of the molds, so I used some wire and grey stuff to make him a more conventional big giant flag standard.  Quite happy with these guys, the chariot model and its horses are of questionable sculpting, but the rest is great.  The pharaoh in particular I like.  This post is getting a bit long, so I will finish with a few more comparison shots.



I’ve got a few projects nearing completion here (including lizardmen warriors…), and some technical things I wanted to post about, so hopefully there will shortly be more posting.



We interupt our regularly scheduled silence…

I have been quite busy lately painting up a (literal) horde of lizard men warriors,  Several hundreds in total.  I have wanted to wait and finish them all before posting.  While working on hordes of little guys I like to work on larger miniatures as well, primarily 28mm.  In this case, It was the totally tubular Armored Brachiosaur for my lizardmen.

brachio1 brachio2This guy is freaking cool as heck.  I painted him a bright sea blue with a green/yellow belly.  I’m very happy with how he came out.  My only issue is my painting on the head of the dino.  Its probably impossible to see in the picture, but when you see him in person, I swear to the flying spaghetti monster he is smiling at you.  A gleeful little smile…..right as he smashes your unit.

brachiospearNot the greatest photo, but it shows the size difference on this guy.  He is pretty large.  As you can see in the photo, I magnetized the howdahs.  I am also going to magnetize the seated sorcererererrers from the triceratops unit to use on here.  I figure he (or she!) should ride in style to the battle field.  I’ve got some other ideas of things to stick on this guy (and ordered him a girlfriend too), so we shall see.

I really like the underlying dino model though (Steve has used it in his sci fi line as well), it would be awesome to see some others versions, even just buy itself for your own personal conversions would be cool, or different howdahs, or side car mods, or…. you get the picture 😛  All dinos Microworld are awesome actually 😀


And finally, a picture of what I have mostly been looking at when painting lately.