Lizardman Command

Microworld’s Lizardmen Command has been about 1/2 finished now.  The Lizardman General is definitely my favorite microworld mini.

leaderfrontshield leaderback leaderfrontrightSorry about the inconsistent lighting, I’m still learning to take miniature pictures.  This guy was based on a nickel.  The rest I have stuck on small squares of craft wood that I had on hand.

musicstandard standardback group1These little individual buggers are hard to photograph.  For the most part I am basing them singly.  Some rule sets have leaders/standards as options,  Mayhem in particular.  I figure I can set the individually based leaders next to units to show what options that unit has.  I’ll probably likely have to use tokens or something for baccus/rapier units.

I’ve also used different colors to roughly show a caste type system at work.  The grunt guys will all be the (in my mind) normal bright green lizards, while leaders will be orange.  ‘Skilled’ characters will be yellow.  I will have a few variations also, different colored stripes, spots, things like that.  I’m varying eye color as well between black, red, orange, and yellow.

Preliminary Mayhem/Microworld Lizard Man army list

I finished a preliminary army list for the lizard men troops I have.  The list is created for using the Mayhem rules.  These are completely unused at this point.

Lizardmen Army list

Base leadership:D8  2 crowns

  • Lizardman Warrior: Mov:D6, CQ:D12, BAR:D12, 11 crowns, Blunt (or axe for +1c), shield
  • Lizardman Spear: Move:D6 ,CQ:D12, BAR:D12, 15 crowns, spear, shield, ranked  fighting
  • Lizardman Archer: Mov:D6, CQ:D12, BAR:D12, 15 crowns, Shortbow
  • Lizard Ogres: Mov:D6, CQ:D8, BAR:D10, 23 crowns, heavy armor, great weapons
  • Triceratops Battlewagon: Mov:D8, CQ:D8, BAR:D8, 38 crowns, behemoth, cavalry, shortbow,
  • Armored Brachiosaurus:Mov:D6,CQ:D6,BAR:D8, cost 43 crowns (shortbow), 73C (Bolt thrower), behemoth, terror

The  mains troops were made to be fairly weak.  The woodland army will rely on higher quality troops with additional attributes.  I have magnetized my Brachiosaurus (and will be one of the triceratops I have) so I can swap between bolt thrower/shaman/shortbow on all of them.  I have not added the models I do not have yet either.

I’m a little concerned about the stats for the dinosaurs.  I think they may be to weak.  The stats for the woodland army I have right now have the hawk riders as roughly equal in value to the triceratops.  The dinos should be worth more I think. I may experiment with terror/fear and a few of the other attributes.  I had also toyed with the idea of making the warriors a horde, but with the lack of diversity right now (compared to the woodland army) that is available, I stuck with normal units.  I still may create a horde base, an 80mmx80mm Base full of crazed lizard men sounds quite cool!


[edit] updated army list by removing heavy armor from dinos