Too many projects…

I have been slightly side tracked lately, but still have been able to complete several items lately.  Forces are expanding on all sides, and all three of my armies are starting to get fairly big.

First up are some Rapier EGY001 sword and shield from their chariot era line.

rapierswords3 rapiersword1 rapierswords2These are great models.  There is fantastic detail and a nice dynamic pose.  You can easily move the arm positioning if you were so inclined, but even with just the slight bending from shipping they give a nice sea of guys feel.  I painted these ones with no tops as they were clearly not wearing shirts this time 😛 (reference my previous baccus painting).

There were a few issues with some of the casting,  you can see a partially missing shield on the front rank in the last photo.  Most damage consisted of portions of the shield missing.  For the most part I just buried them in the formations and there is no way anyone will notice.  I think these could be fairly easily modified as well if you wanted to make a few special figures.

I do have a little bit of Microworld done as well, some of their owlbears.


owlbearsplit owlbeargroupThe pictures don’t do them justice (these were my photos), but these models are just superb.  They have awesomely detailed beaks, and you can really see the transition of feathers to fur on their pelts.  If there is a downside it’s that even though there are two poses, they are very similar.  Kind of a  bummer, but still, they look absolutely great.  I just had the few from the original woodland pack I had bought, but I will definitely getting a few more.


Last up is a shaman from the Microworld Lizard Man Command pack, mostly because it is a great photo my girlfriend took, although the command packs models are again sensational.

lizardshamenSo that’s it.  I’m currently working on a large group of certatospid warriors from microworld, who will be looking like a slightly darker version of the guy above there.  My current side track though, may be for a bit.  I have recently been able to purchase a copy of the fourth edition of Space Hulk!  I have wanted a copy of this game since I was a little kid, and this and the third edition are just absolutely awesome (though ridiculously priced 😦  ).  I really really want to play it, but I wont let myself until I have painted all the models….so this may take a bit.  I will still be working on 6mm the whole time, just space hulk  will be primary.