Terrain Module

I’ve mostly completed the first of 6 planned terrain modules.  The idea in my head is a series of campaign scenarios played over various portions of the map, culminating in one large castle siege.  We shall see how that pans out….

mapoverheadThe module is based on a 2’x2′ chunk of pink foam (Home depot sells them conveniently in this size, how nice of them).  This was my original inspiration.  Unfortunately I am not nearly as skilled as that gentlemen.  When I tried to place the fabric on, it got horribly wrinkled.  I elected to cover the board in sheetrock plaster.  This actually didn’t turn out to be to bad of a thing.  The board is much more rigid now, and has a bit more heft to it.  My previous experiments with plaster had shown that I needed a porras surface to adhere to anyway, and the fabric provided it.

maphillMy girlfriend helped me paint up the board, the river being her main work.  Frankly its the best portion.  The ‘swamp’ to the right just doesn’t look anything like a swamp to me.  I am going to do some experimenting with water effects on the river, hopefully I won’t ruin the nice paint job.  The eventual plan is that right on the next board will be a small lake and large waterfall…with a castle on top.


The bridge was just made from some plastic sheet I cut.  You can’t see in the pictures, but there is a small arch.  I swear.  The road looks decent, but I still have not perfected my road laying skills, so its a bit uneven.  Overall, for a first effort I’m OK with it.  For the initial scenario I have in mind, it should work well.  Part of the reason I really dig 6mm models, is I can realistically play a fun battle on a relatively small space.  If I happen to have access to a full sized table, well watch out.  Now just to finish a few more stands of lizard man warriors.

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