First Baccus based

I just finished up the basing of the first Baccus figures I have completed.

elephantfront elephantsleftThese are the Baccus AM16 elephants again.  I wasn’t super crazy about them at first, but then I realized they were missing the lances.  Much cooler with them 😀  I think they scale very well with the Microworld  figures also.

My ‘Desert People’ faction have blue as their primary color as well (with a yellow as secondary) like the elves, just….darker blue.  Otherwise I used a bare earth flock I think its call (it all goes in bins, so I never know the names).  I stuck some little stones I had on their as well.  I wanted a desert/steppe thing going on…   It doesn’t really look like desert to me, but it looks nice anyway, so I’ll keep it up (probably sans rocks though).  I’m generally pretty terrible at basing (in 6mm or any other scale) though.

egyptclose axemenback EgyptgroupJPGThe Baccus Egyptian Axemen, AEG3 . I really liked the way these guys came out.  I might replace the standard someday, but otherwise they look great.  I’m not sure if I didn’t get all of them, or misplaced some (I have a bit of a lead pile built up), but this was all I had, so packed them all onto two 40x20mm bases.

I think the Baccus strips would look way better on 1 40×40 base.  I could probably get another row of guys on there. With these guys currently, there are small spaces at the front and back, so when placed together they look like two groups.  On the plus side I was able to glue some flock on, otherwise the guys are so compact on the bases I wouldn’t even try to get glue in there.  Once I finish a few more Baccus units (I have some Sherden, some chariots, and some Scottish Highla…wait a minute, how did those get in there?) I will post some comparison shots with Microworld.  So far, everything seems pretty much compatible.  I’ve got some Rapier on the way as well….  All the Baccus figures (I think) are available at Scale Creep Miniatures.  They have good stuff, give them your money.

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