6mm Microworld Lizard-Ogres based

These were some of the first Microworld models I finished.  They are definitely one of my favorites.  Lizard-Ogre even sounds cool.

lizardogre40401 lizardogre40402 lizardogrebackThe Anklyosaurus was always one of my favorite dinosaurs growing up, so its no surprise I like these guys so much.  The triceratops Battlewagons are a favorite for the same reason.

lizardogre20201 LizardogregroupI still haven’t completely decided what game system I want to use, so I based some on 40mmx20mm bases as well as 40×40.   With a few 40×20 bases, I have options for some sort of casualty removal if needed.

Right now I’m starting with Mayhem.  I’ve started army lists for woodland and Lizardmen.  At some point I will post them, but as yet I have not tried them out.  I’ve a copy of War and Conquest on order also, but that might be more for an ancients project…

Last two pictures.

Lizardogregroup lizardogreupclose

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